Joy Odiete Joy Odiete, popularly known as “Jodie” could best be described as a natural woman. She came to the limelight as a contestant in the premier edition of ‘Idols, West Africa’ in 2007 where she came out sixth. Late last year she released her single entitled, ‘Kuchi kuchi’. She tells Angela Davies about her style. What is style to you? It is being yourself, confident and loking beautiful. Define your own style My own style is African and simple. I love to wear African prints in a Western style. Your hair I don’t have perms on my hair. I carry my hair natural. I could twist the hair, pack it or just comb it out. It depends on how I want it at that particular time. Accessories I make beads so I love wearing beads with western touch. Who are your favourite designers local and international? I am not a designer freak. I create what I wear. All I do is to tell my tailor what I want and how I want it. Favourite perfume I really don’t have a particular one. I like good perfumes though. How do you relax? I have my bath, stay home and watch movies. Sometimes I hang out with friends and once in a while, I read books. How is your normal day like? Once I wake up, I pray and read my Bible. After which I make jewelry like beads, hair pieces and bracelets. Other days, it could be music. Really, I shuttle between jewelry making and music. Describe yourself in three words Young, godly and beautiful. What is your best colour? I like earthy colours like brown, bronze and cream, especially bronze. Make-up I like my make-up light. Nails I carry my nails natural. Fixing my nails disturbs my bead making. Besides that I like it that way. What fashion item can’t you do without? I cannot do without my Mary K foundation. It sets the base for my make-up. I like that even tone it gives to my face. How do you keep fit? I drink a lot of water. Sometimes I exercise. What puts you off in fashion? I don’t like indecent dressing. By that I mean over exaggerated exposure of vital body parts. Your kind of shoes I love pencil heels. Philosophy of life God is everything. your social media marketing partner