The Nollywood Actor and Gulder Ultimate Search 2 Ambassador expresses himself through a lovely poem to his wife on their first wedding anniversary. He controversially terminates her duty as his manager for the past 1.5years for her to focus more on their soon to come child. He thus appreciates her efforts and loyalty.


The days swept by like cool breeze over the ocean
Though cool the troubles were made to be humble.
Your loyalty birthed my royalty
The tides were high but we sailed like a twin captain aye!!
Our backgrounds were different but we made it seamless
I love you more than salt the sea
I love you more than cold the winter
I love you more than vein the blood
I love you more than GEJ the presidency
In humility and love I relieve you of your duties as my manager for the soon to come duty as a mother. Thanks for being a brilliant wife, a friend and a manager.
Sucre mi casa su casa forever! I love you SCATTER!

Many Thanks for your usual support.