Nigerian OAP Tolu Oniru who is mostly famous as Toolz has revealed how she had to cope with her plus size body, huge back side and her gigantic heaps before she became popular.

Toolz revealed that she was body shamed because of her heaps and she was never comfortable at all times because she had to dress covering every part of herself.

Even during the summer time, she was always wearing a light coat to cover up her natural endowment and this made her look weird in the eye of many.

She said she later became proud of her body after she was famous and many women were amazed about her body and complimented her and this gave her the confidence that she had once lost.

In her words;

“As a plus-size and curvy girl, you tend to feel out of place – my body type wasn’t the hot thing back then. I just didn’t fit in. I became very self-conscious – I thought my hips were too wide… my bum was too big, and I was on the short side. My self-consciousness got so bad at one point that I had to cover up all the time. In the middle of summer, I would wear a light coat to cover up my hips, and people thought I was weird.

Clothes shopping were a bit of nightmare, not to talk of lingerie shopping,” she states. “Being in the public eye also had a big impact on my ‘acceptance journey’. I have been bashed and shamed about my body on so many occasions, I can’t even remember. The first few times it happened, I was very hurt, because there was always so much venom behind the attacks”. She revealed.