Multi-talented artiste Darey Art Alade is not thinking of getting a mistress after ten years of being married. Darey who recently did collaboration with the

Soweto Gospel Choir on his hit song, ‘Pray for Me’ said that the struggles of Psquare in becoming famous was what inspired him to do the song. Unfortunately, the once upon a time strong Psquare is now fragile with the twins trying their hands on different stuffs.

Being married for about ten years now, Darey is someone we can listen to when he talks about celebrity marriage breakups “I have no idea why people are not able to get along or solve their problems privately. Marriage is a personal thing, you don’t get married for the world. You get married for the sake of each other. Getting married is one thing, staying married is another. It takes work, perseverance, you have to be selfless, and you have to be tolerant. “

He said “These are things they tell you from the beginning – you don’t realize how profound they are until you are in midstream and looking left and right for a lifebuoy to keep you afloat . But it is between both of you. Once you start to involve other people in your matter, then you might as well not be married anymore. It is just the grace of God, you just take things easy, and nobody is perfect. You being able to hide each other’s imperfections is also what marriage is. You just have to be there for each other, so it is up to you really.”

This is how he takes care of his female fans “They (female fans) are always there, you keep practicing that fine line that you don’t see. You keep them as friends and make sure they stay as friends. When you start to give people a different role, then things can happen. Again, it is just the grace of God, just being able to stay focused and true to myself.”