After 3 years of not talking to each other,Callywood Boss Egor Efiok and Oge Okoye recently bumped into each other at the Hilton Hotel where they are lodging at in California and have not stopped gushing over it on their Instagram pages.

 They have been posting photos and planning to go swimming together at their hotel.

Recall that , Egor cast Oge Okoye in her Hollywood Meets Nollywood film, Turning Point, and the two famously fell out in July 2013 after she took Oge and a team of celebrity friends along with  Turning Point cast to the Presidential Villa when she was honoured for “Fascinating Nigeria”. 

Susan Peters, who was one of the celebrity friends that Egor took with her created some sensational and embarrassing headlines that caused Egor to publicly disassociate herself from her and Oge.