Poor Peter Okoye, he never knew that his solo practice of the Psquare song ‘E je ajo’ will cause a lot of ripples and criticism. Since the twins decided to start this solo business, none of them has gotten that attention that they craved for like they did as Psquare.

These days, Paul has been busy inside the studio cooking songs and producing songs while Peter has been getting solo endorsements and performing his songs. But yesterday, while practicing for his Rock with Mr.P show, holding on June 23, he sang P-Square’s hit song E je ajo. He added that there is no negative energy performing it but the group fans have hit him so hard.

One asked “Sir P, seriously I don’t like this. What did the other Sir P did that is unforgivable…” another added “I can’t stand to watch any of you guys’ individual performance because it annoys me and i prefer the P-square name not the Mr.P or whatever it is and i will continue to love you guys performance when you come together but as at now, i can’t stand it.”

“This is cheating. Stop performing P-square songs. Perform as Mr.P, get your own personal recorded songs performed. This is scam. You shouldn’t be getting shows and those who are giving you shows are only killing P-square the more. If it were to be other groups, you will be sued for this. But your brother still loves you. He is not making any move about it” a disgusted fan said.

Peter responded “Sued!” and laughed