Despite the warning given to police orderlies by the then acting Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar in 2012, for them to desist from carrying handbags belonging to politicians or their principals, some have refused to heed to that advice.

He stated further that the duty of an orderlie is to ensure the safety and well being of his principal and not to play the role of a house boy or girl like many do.

Recently a police woman was spotted carrying the bag of the wife of the Willie Obiano Governor of Anambra state, Ebere Obiano.

Could it be that she mandated the police sergeant to carry her back? Or was it the police woman who volunteered to carry the bag because of her office and the fact that she wants to pose for a photograph.

No matter what the reason maybe, a police should know the limits to his/her duties and should be able to say no when the pride of his /her office is at stake.

This cannot be seen in other developed countries. Notice that even Obama sometimes carries his own bag. So what is it with Nigerian Politicians?