G@y activist, Bisi Alimi has incurred hatred and enemies for being a Nigerian indulging in s3x relationship.

The activist who is set to marry soon to his sweetheart has recently incurred the wrath of his haters when he invited a popular transgender, Caitlyn Jenner who was formerly called Bruce Jenner to make an appearance in his show.

Afraid of coming to Nigeria, as he often claims he has the fear of been lynch by family members or the citizens of Nigeria, his greatest fear is beginning to come to light.

He disclosed an individual has been sending him death threats for some months now and warning him sternly not to think of returning to Nigeria, or else he would face the consequence of been burnt alive.

 In his words: “A young man has been threatening me with death since the last three months. He also threatens to attack my family and has promise if I ever visit Nigeria, he will make sure I get burnt alive. His latest comment is: “bastard g@y, don’t ever come to Nigeria, u will be burnt.”