The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has  advised Nigerians against the usage of substandard handsets. Mr Joseph Atoyebi, the Deputy Director, Consumer Affairs of the commission gave the warning on Thursday in Abakaliki during a Consumer Outreach Programme .

He said that such handsets are responsible for the various network and related problems they experience during dialing or receiving of calls.

“Consumers should use the handsets outlined in our manual as they have been certified to be efficient for telecommunication usages,” he said.

Atoyebi also urged consumers  “Many consumers complain that their data and credit are illegally deducted by service providers but they should understand that smart phones have various complex attributes. Smart phones should be switched-off when not in use as they automatically upgrade themselves and can deduct data in the process,” he said.

He also informed consumers that borrowing of credit from service providers is a business strategy which is not offered without costs.

“There are stipulated deductions from credit lent to consumers by service providers as nothing is free in the business parlance. Consumers are obligated to ensure the security of telecommunication installations such as masts and ensure they are not vandalised. They should also not buy ‘SIM’ cards that are already registered and not use their phone lines for criminal activities such as kidnapping,” he said.