Toyin Aimakhu can be regarded as an interesting individual, whose live has basically been a public business for quite some time now.

Toyin was at a time the most paid Yoruba actress, as she was often getting scripts from producers for movie roles.

When her controversy came, it struck like a thunder hitting her badly, almost ending all her hard works of so many years.

After leaving her matrimonial home, due to some irreconcilable differences, she went into a sizzling romance with popular promoter, Seun Egbegbe.

At first she denied the affair but later owned up when it could not be hidden anymore.

When the relationships came to an end after a big fight and washing of dirty linens outside, her lover tried everything in his power to end her career, by passing stern warnings to producers not to call her for roles.

Although he later apologized, but what we deducted from the ordeal the Edo born actress has been through so far is that, it has made her focused on her career more and made her a better actress.

Toyin has been seen in different movie locations ever since the incident, as well as concentrating on her movie academy.

One can say she is lucky, as she didn’t lose her fan base during those trail periods. She had the love and support of her love ones which helped her in healing fast.

She was smart enough to dust her problems behind her, and embraced self love without sinking in the deep blue sea of controversy.

Currently, she is on the set of an undisclosed movie and she was spotted picking up a role of a mad woman.


When it comes to Toyin, her role interpretation skill is excellent, so we anticipate a show stopping performance from her!