It’s being a long time since fans heard of  popular actress in the Yoruba movie industry, Omotunde Ogundimu, who bounced back after a battle with Fibroid some years back, which she successfully removed through a surgery operation,  which she did secretly.

 Well, the very beautiful actress has been in the Uncle Sam’s land enjoying the good life in the North American country and one can’t tell when she will be back to the country.

Hoping to return with a big bang into the movie industry, the actress has chosen not to give her heart to any man for now as she believes she is no rush for love knowing that her responsibility now is to care for her three kids.

Omotunde recently, immortalized her late hubby who passed away exactly four years leaving her to struggle through life alone with the kids. She has proven to be a good mother as she has done her best in ensuring her children are still in school.