Dele Momodu is so in love with Ghana that he is often having problem with people over that. Early this year, he had a fight with Ghanaians for talking about their president.

This time he shared childhood photos of the country’s top presidential candidates.  

However, the pictures he chose were controversial that they hit him left and right with angry words.

But Dele refused to cower that he screamed out  “Please what’s wrong with or negative about these pictures or you just want to say something?!” the publisher fired back at critics. Adding,

“So we shouldn’t post pictures even of innocent kids because of politics? We saw Donald Trump, Obama, Hillary as kids… I think you’ve carried this thing to a different level and I’m afraid you can’t carry me along that route. I’ve never preached hate and negativity. These are beautiful pictures of the leading candidates and I pray to have my kids rise to their heights in the future. And remember this is my page. Thank you.”