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Last Friday,Yoruba actress Mosun Filani stormed Murtala Mohammed International Airport set to board a flight out of Nigeria. Everything went well as she was accorded a celeb treatment by those who recognized her until she approached the immigration desk to get her passport stamped for embarkment.From that point she got more than what she actually bargained for as she was refused to embark on her journey. Mosun who spotted a black trouser suit with white shirt was later referred to immigration duty room where she was interrogated and her passport temporarily confisticated precisely 12:45pm pleading for her passport to be released,claiming her proposed trip abroad was for vacation. Interestingly however,when she was contacted about 2pm to comment on her predicament with the immigration,she denied ever having anything to do with immigration,saying she actually on her bed as the time of talking and never been to the airport on that day. What a big lie.
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