Popular actress, Annie Macaulay got the best val gift she may not have ever thought of on February 14, 2012, when 2Face Idibia finally proposed to her. Before then, Annie was regarded as one of the three baby mamas of the top Nigeria singer. She was then known girlfriend of 2Face before the latter rose to fame in 2005, especially with his hit song, African Queen. Annie was also featured in the video as 2Face's African Queen. Though after then, they broke up after having a child from their relationship. It was a surprise to many when 2Face openly proposed to Annie at a club on Vals day. The reason for the surprise may have been as a result of the other baba mamas of 2Face; Pero Adeniyi and Sumbo. In a message on Thursday, February 16, Annie Macaulay, said "big shout out to everyone who have sent out meesages to congratulate me. I say thank you very much. Yea, I got the best Val gift ever. I serve a living God. God bless you all." Click the link below to go to... PICTURES: 2Face Finally Proposes To Baby Mama, Annie Macaulay MORE PICTURES AND OPINION: ’2FACE WILL BE MISSED’ – ASSOCIATION OF SINGLE NIGERIAN MALES Please, ensure you use the social media sharing below this page to spread this to your family and friends. © 2012 Nigeriafilms.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publisher.
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