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Life is such an interesting experience, the more you live, the more you learn. I have taken some time to find out what different people think of life and what it has to offer them. To some, life is solely a by-product of parental foundation and insinuations, therefore whatever happens in the negative is traced to parental neglect, whereas others, while appreciating the fact that parents have a role to play in their lives, go further to work out their destiny in accordance with their dreams and aspirations. Do you belong to the class of people that say what will be will be? Yes, it is true to an extent but what do you think would happen if you put in your best to face the challenges of life and leave the rest to God? Splendid, the result will simply be amazing. Sitting back to watch life unfold is just an open declaration of laziness and lack of vision, do something, play your part and leave the rest. I came in contact with a young man who spends all life raining causes on his brother who he feels has a lot of money but has refused to assist him financially. Spending all his time complaining and regretting being born is a complete waste of time. The day he made up his mind to start something meaningful with his life, marked the beginning of his success. Here are some things you can do to bring flavour to your life. •Choose to be happy: I cannot be tired of telling you that you are responsible for your own happiness. Find out the things that make you happy but which don’t affect humanity negatively. Create your own happiness even in the midst of sadness. Discover something good in every bad situation and see a reason to live on. •Make the most of your career: Concentration and progress in your work can, to a great extent, spice up your life. Embark on frequent self development projects as new technologies emerge daily. A secretary who lost her job sometimes ago came lamenting and complaining of her boss’s wickedness to relief her of her employment, when asked why she said her boss just started being difficult and erratic. But I put a few questions across and landed at the conclusion that she was no longer relevant to her employer—the age of struggling with manual typewriter has given way to computer typing, yet she refused to update herself. Why would she not lose the job to others who are better qualified and informed to deliver? •See something nice in people: If you are a perfectionist and fault finding person, life may be a bit boring and frustrating for you. When others do well, please say so and make them happy because the more you make others happy, the harder they’ll strive to please you. There is no gain in being sarcastic and rude. Try not to be stingy with complements and commendations; everyone loves to be appreciated. •Bring worth to your world: Be it home or away, attach some price tags to your neighbourhood. Decorate, arrange and present your surrounding with what appeals to you. There are some people who take time to furnish the car, office, home, etc. and meeting with such people naturally gives you the impression that they are happy with life (although it may not really be true). •Invest in your relationship: Those in happy relationships have solved 80 per cent of their problems in life. Difficult though to accept, is the fact that good relationships come from hard work. A lot of valuables like time, money, emotions, etc., may be involved, but if you know what you want, what sacrifice would be too big for it? •Do not neglect yourself: Nothing should be more important than YOU. This is not a campaign toward selfishness, but a call to self worth and appreciation. Take time out to ‘spoil’ yourself, eat what you like and go for that charming look. N/B: If you neglect yourself, life itself will have nothing to offer you.
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