Life of a red carpet and tv queen. Yvonne was interview by Punch Newspaper recently and was asked what she does with a clothe she’s previously worn on the red carpet. She responded; "Whenever I am on the Red Carpet and paparazzi take my pictures, I always say ‘chei! So I will not wear this dress again?’ The pictures will be plastered everywhere including the Internet and magazines. It spoils show for me. It is not that we don’t like wearing a particular dress for more than one event, but we’ll rather not do it.But you will abuse me if I repeat a dress. People would write that we repeated a dress. Because of that, I wear a dress and since I know I will not wear it again, I dash it out. I give my assistant my clothes. I give to family members and friends as well. But then, I auction my clothes to my friends on twitter:" On what she'll never be caught dead in "I can never wear a lace wig. I don’t like it. In fact, I hate it. It makes you look old. I know some people are not blessed with a full hair line. But some people with full hair line go out of their way to shave their hair line so that they can wear lace wig. It doesn’t make sense. I can never be caught dead or alive wearing a lace wig". your social media marketing partner