Singer, Lami Phillips, is gradually becoming the mouth piece of many Nigerians who have not had the avenue or opportunity to speak out on the wrong treatments they get from companies in the country.

Some weeks back, the singer called out Arik Air for their bad services she encountered with them during a trip and she never spared them as many people with ugly experience with the company came out to share their anger.

Now Lami has just been provoked after Diamond bank deceived her after she made a transaction in one of their branch to someone who was in need of the money for emergency. When she met several officials for explanation it was not palatable or pleasing to the ear.

Here is what angry Lami wrote while calling the bank out; “When you make a transfer that debits you but Diamond bank says “we can see it but it didn’t drop into the account” you ask yourself ” meaning what”? Dear Diamond Bank, diamond bank Nigeria totally unacceptable service. I have spoken with different officials telling different stories, and giving excuses; from system failure to failed transaction. The person I sent it to needed it for an emergency that couldn’t wait. Since 9am it was sent and your brand has given her the run around all day, made promises to resolve today and now says they “will try to solve by 2pm tomorrow “. How effective!?”