This is the scenario……..

The actors guild of nigeria is an association comprising of lots of people and their various talents.whilst some are being acknowledged as ambassadors and role models in various apsects and even getting handsomely paid for it,some are on a die hard mission,trying to pull down what others are trying to build.

We all know that actor Segun Arinze was recently crowned the new agn president? Well everyone let out a sigh of relief that ”finally the self imposed life president Ejike Asiegbu is finally out and some change can come in…”

We also recently know that actor Emeka has a wish, and that is to become president….of the guild!

Well he had that wish fulfilled as he was recently crowned president at number 68 Adeniran Ogunsanya recently in Surulere.

Aside from only two chapters representing the guild,there also rent-a-crowd present and they cheered Emeka as he took the oath and swore to protect the guild.

On monday december 14,2009 Emeka went to winis guest house vicinty(a joint where most nollywood people used to hang out)brought out a gun and swore to smoke out anyone who stood in his way as ‘agn president’.

Meanwhile,rumour rife in the air is that agn board of trustees will soon bring out a discliamer to disown Emeka Ike and his governement.

‘President Emeka Ike has also been calling up all those who matter in nollywood(including actor Richard Mofe Damijo)to announce his new status as president.

Meanwhile actor Segun Arinze also agn president is going about tending to the activities of the guild.

So who will it be?

President Segun Arinze with his big okpollo eyes who has been accused of not being a bonafide member of the guild before he was sworn in or president Emeka Ike,always high on”that thing’ and brandishing a gun to boost his ego?

Some people are whispering that the reason Emeka wants to be president by all means is so that he can collect the N10million prmoised him by Goddy elumelu if he becomes president. (goddy is the brother to mega rich tony elumelu) isnt this what the late fela called ‘double wahala for dead body’?
By Stella.dK