Nigerian talk show host and broadcaster,Funmi Iyanda, says Yoruba men do not mind if their wives or partners have extra-marital affairs.

 In a recent episode of her vlog, ‘Ask Funmi,’ she spoke about how the social media trend ‘Yoruba demons’ came about and what inspired it.

She said,

“For those who don’t know the background on this, let me lay a background, I think it started on Twitter, when someone started calling Yoruba men demons. The thing is that Yoruba men are known to be swagallicious, stylish, because of their dressing, but most of them do not portray characters that depict their looks.

“They will speak pretty but sleep with anything. I have to defend my Yoruba men, Yoruba men are not demons. Yoruba men are fascinating.

“I think a lot of things we consider as African cultures, are actually a confusion and bastardisation of Victorian ideas, Victorian philosophy and Victorian culture.

“I don’t think westernisation is civilisation, I think civilisation is civilisation and you can have different types of civilisation.

“However, people still ascribe the tradition of the western culture, but they tunnel back to what they think is their philosophy, culture, and religion.”

Iyanda also advised couples to forget the concept of ownership that comes with sex.

“Sex is part of marriage and not ownership,” she added.