Zuckerberg is ostensibly the genius behind the Face book phenomenon, a relatively recent new corporation that has become almost as universally recognizable as coca-cola. But like every other inventions and innovation that has advantages and disadvantages, so also is this social network site helps in building or atimes destroying relationship. Check out this scenario Married Nigerian couples are in different cities, husband works in Abuja and the wife works in Lagos. He goes home every weekend to be with his wife, and both have a Face book account. One day, while at work, he playfully creates another Face book account with a fake picture and sends his wife a friend request and she adds him. They chat regularly for months and she finds him very exciting and always looks forward to chatting with him. She even begins to hate weekend because is never available to chat. They chats about everything, anything and recently their chats have become more and more explicit that she gets more addicted to the way he talks dirty to her while they are face booking. One day, he asked her to send a photo of her private part and she gladly does this without hesitation, alongside photos of other sensitive areas of her body. After the whole scenario, the husband then reveals his true identity and demand for a divorce, while the wife claimed she was just playing along with him, that she knew all the while that it was him. Who should get the blame?
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